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SIY - Slim It Yourself

SIY - Slim It Yourself ( slim 2-5 kg within 10 days)

S.I.Y gives you freedom and control you've always wanted!! S.I.Y reshapes our body in short term and maintain it in the long run! IT'S EASY AND CONVENIENT.
S.I.Y is made of freshest and finest herbs with 100% natural, pure and with
NO SIDE EFFECT!!! Herbs conformity and origin are verified by experienced Herbalist and Pharmacist. Apart from that, S.I.Y. is subject to strict quality control and confine under CGMP regulation.
S.I.Y is manufactured via Super Critical CO2 Nano Liquid Technology, when we consume, it will immediately assimilated by our body and the active ingredient through to the heart of our body cell. The active ingredients of S.I.Y will futher dislodge all of the fat clusters from adipose tissues and drain cellulite & other fats until their complete evacuation.
S.I.Y. Is approved by KMM and Halal Food Council S.E.A.

Body Weight Increased
Lazy For Exercise
Feel Hungry When Diet
Feel Embarrass With Spare Tyre
Hang Down Slack Due To Sudden Weight Lost
Difficult To Get Suitable Clothes
Lost Confident Because Of Overweight





-> Citrus Aurantium : Enhanced metabolism, reducing weight, reducefatigue etc.
-> Green Tea Polyphenol : Reduce body fat, increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans etc.
-> Caralluma Fimbriata : Suppress appetite, enhance endurance etc.
-> Dandelion : Prevent or cure liver diseases, purify your blood, clense you system, reduce weight, etc.
-> Opuntia ficus-indica : well-balanced diet, decreasing the LDL cholestrol level, etc.
-> Neem Leaf Extract : cure diarrhea, intestinal infections, skin ulcers, infections etc.


-> Liposis - disentanglement stagnant & stubborn fat (Adipose Tissue)
-> Build up muscle without fat.
-> Anti Wrinkle - removing rough skin effect.
-> Replenish young lifestyle for skin.
-> Thermo-genesis - elongate fat burning effect while changing fat into energy.
-> Regulating body function and metabolism towards optima level or enable calories burning without and negative side effect to central nervous system and cardiovascular system.
-> Controlling hunger feeling / food appetite and easing physical and mental tension.
-> Reducing waist, hips and laps sizes.
-> Promoting intestine movement and increasing the rate or absorbing water and nutrition inside intestine.
-> Reducing body cholestrol.
-> Promoting hemoglobin creation and avoiding anemia forming.
-> Increasing immunization system and blood circulation.
-> Releasing tiredness of constipation.
-> Strengthening hear and discharging body toxin.
-> Providing various nutrition to the body i.e. vitamins, minerals, acid amino from enzymes.


1 box contains 20 bottles. One day drink 2 bottles, 1 is S.I.Y Day and another 1 is S.I.Y Night. 10 bottles for day after your breakfast within 5 minutes 10 bottles for night before sleep.

During S.I.Y. Therapy, We Suggest The Following Habits To Double The Slimming Effort

1. Reduce the intake of foodshigh in fats and carbohydrates such as roti canai, kuih koci, doughnuts, food containing coconut milk, nasi lemak, fast food such as pizza, fried chicken and chocolate.

2. Avoid sweet drinks, carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks.

3. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday.

4. To speed up results who wanted to loose weight for 10 days 3-5kg, carry out daily exercise for 10-15 minutes or use a sauna.


1. Does S.I.Y have any side effects?
No. Unless incorrectly taking. S.I.Y is registered and approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health (KMM) and was tested in Singapore by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to be free from unpermitted ingredients and chemicals. This is a natural plant formulation and there are no known toxic side effects.

2. While I'm on S.I.Y programme, do i need to exercise to see result?
Exercise is a universally known fact to stay fit which naturally we do encourage too. However, you'll still get the desired effect without having exercise.

3. Do i need to go on fasting while I'm on S.I.Y programme?
We encourage you to switch to low carbohydrate food instead of fasting.

4. How to consume S.I.Y?
Daily uses. Drink a bottle after breakfast and a bottle before bedtime. It will burn and drainage fat in 24 hours, combat cellulite and effectively solving the obesity problems.

5. What is the flavour?
Delicious juicy Prune Favor, everyone loves it.

6. Can i drink it together with other supplements?

7. May i consume S.I.Y during menstrual period?
Yes. S.I.Y is good to release menstrual pain.

8. Do I have to continue taking S.I.Y? How to maintain the perfect body figure?
S.I.Y is not a dependent medication. Once you have achieved the perfect body figure, it is not necessary to continue with S.I.Y, but it is advisable to consume CLENZ for detoxification and maintain a good lifestyle for perfect body figure.

9. Suitable for what age?
Minimun 15 years old.

10. Will S.I.Y affect the pregnancy probability?

11. Is S.I.Y suitable for childbirth lady?
Yes Can Consume S.I.Y after recover (Recuperation) or full moon.
Consume 8 weeks to get the ideal results.

12. Who need to consult with doctor before consume?
Pregnancy/ nursing mother/ High blood pressure/ diabetic/ stroke/ medication's patients.

13. Can S.I.Y solve Disorderly endocrine's fat?
Yes. Clinical trial loses 1-1.5kg after 20-30 days concumptions. Advice to consume at least 2 treatments for recuperation disorderly.

14. Whay am i feeling thirsty and hunger during consume S.I.Y?
S.I.Y need massive hydration to active the burning fats progress. Burning fat > Produce energy > Cells received instruction > Transform energy > Decomposing fats.

15. Why should I drink plenty of water?
Because our body need at least 3 liter water to discharge and clean the toxin of fat burned.

16. Permanent taking S.I.Y will harm our body?
It's wont. S.I.Y made from 100% plant extract.

17. Can Muslim take S.I.Y?
Yes certainly, as S.I.Y formulation is certified Halal.

18. Can vegetarian take S.I.Y?
Yes certainly.
Promotion Price : RM160/box FREE postage within peninsular Malaysia.
Dealing Method : Bank Transfer to MAYBANK / PUBLIC BANK / CIMB BANK
Contact : Britney 016-9737300

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Testimonial & Results of people who have tried SIY. Take a LOOK :

BEFORE & AFTER consuming SIY Pictures



Testimonial of Success !!

Testimonial of Success !!

This are the Pictures & Testimonial of My Customers who have success with SIY-Slim It Yourself !

Linda (Singapore)
Lost : 78kg - 69kg

Norlia (Ireland)
Lost : 76kg - 55kg

Sofinah (Sarawak)

Lost : 90kg - 62kg

Samantha (Australia)

Lost : 94kg - 50kg

David (Kuala Lumpur)
Lost : 88kg - 70kg

B-Fit Slimming Health & Beauty Products.

B-Fit Slimming Health Products

B-Fit white coffee 


* Body slimming and shaping as well as skin and facial beauty
* Cellular food provides balanced nutrients
* Food with nucleic acid delays aging

Suggested use:
2 - 3 sachets daily, drink after meal.

20 sachets x 20 grams

* Drink together with B-Fit Cleanse for better results.

Some of the ingredients in B-Fit White Café

White kidney bean extracts
Has water-solubility with rich content of protein. Besides inhibitory effect on starch, it is resistant to destruction by high temperature or gastric acid, while content of allergy-inducing substance is very low. It effectively neutralizes dietary carbohydrate and inhibits absorption of glucose, thus is helpful in reduction of body weight.

Nucleic acid
It has effects of repairing damaged cells, delay aging, rejuvenating, reducing wrinkles and spots for smooth and radiant skin. It also helps in enhancing metabolism, physical strength, immunity as well as improving sleep etc.

Garcinia gambogia
It has high content of HCA which is effective to inhibit conversion of glucose into fat, meanwhile it is able to promote breakdown of fat into daily energy.

Fructo-oligosaccharide extracted from plants is a kind of complex saccharide, it can reach the intestines directly to be digested by good bacteria, thus promoting increase in number of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacillus to get rid of bad bacteria.

How B-Fit white coffee takes effect

  •  Cleanse the intestines and detoxifies.
  •  To neutralise the starch and block the sugar.
  •  To maintain a normal blood sugar level
  •  Offers the best nutrients to body cells.
  •  Lower the cholesterol level and high blood pressure   to protect the heath.
  •  To speed up the accumulation of fat in fat cells into energy and prevent the condensation of new fat.
  •  To increase metabolism and the raise the fat burning rate and thus make the muscles become more solid.
  •  Rich in antionxidants, vitamins and minerals, its helps to improve the body immune system and disease prevention.

B-Fit Cleanse

* Cleanses bowel, detoxifies the body and prevents constipation
* Increases proliferation of Lactobacillus etc
* Replenishes nutrients needed by beneficial bacteria
* Purifies blood, activates cells
* Inhibits synthesis of fat
* Burns excess fat
* Balances hormones
* Enhances metabolism
* Boosts immune system
* Prevents various modern diseases

Suggested use:
1 - 2 sachets daily, drink before breakfast with empty stomach or before sleep.

20 sachets x 12 grams

Mix fruit, guava, lemon

Some of the ingredients in B-Fit Cleanse   
Fruit fibers
It is able to increase faecal bulk and provides food for beneficial bacteria which proliferate and produces holes within fibers to soften faeces. It even can slow down absorption of cholesterol and glucose in the intestinal tract, thus helping normalization of cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

It is a kind of nutrient-rich tiny aquatic plant. It is the most excellent food with complete nutrient as it provides protein, vitamins, chlorophyll, B-carotene, minerals and etc to meet daily requirement of the body. It can enhance physical strength and endurance, promote hormonal balance, neutralize acidic physique, prevent modern diseases and etc.

Natural probiotics
It is able to inhibit proliferation of pathogens within intestinal tract, enhance body's immunity, increase activity of antibodies, improve digestive ability of intestinal tract, increase absorption of calcium and effectively inhibit synthesis of cholesterol as well as break down carcinogenic substances.

Aloe vera
According to modern medical researches and records or literature of herbal medicine, it is able to activate gastrointestinal function, expel heat and protect liver, promote detoxifying function of liver, prevent skin allergy, and even can increase immunity of the body.


Fructo-oligosaccharide extracted from plants is a kind of complex saccharide, it can reach the intestines directly to be digested by good bacteria, thus promoting increase in number of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacillus to get rid of bad bacteria.


Ideal For all ages and condition

- Cancer patients
- Weak immune system
- Overweight or underweight
- Weak liver, intestines and stomach
- Health conscious
- Senile plague, freckles or pimples
- Pre-aging or general weakness
- Patients of chronic diseases
- Constipation or haemorrhoids

POSITIVE reaction after consuming B-fit cleanse

Short-term : use for 3-6days

- Frequent elimination, frequent visit to the toilet and the excretion of excess blockages from the colon tracts
- Stomach discomfort and excessive gas, This is a natural detoxification reaction in the body.
- If your body PH value is acidic or if you have suffered from previous illnesses, your body's weaker areas may experience pain.
- Faeces floating on the surface of the toilet pedestal. These are golden yellow in colour. Improvement in digestion system and body condition.

Middle-term : use for 6-45days.

- Lowers the water content in the colon and reduces the toxin content in faeces.
- Prevents unwanted toxins from being absorbed into the body and reduces the burden of the liver system.
- Toxins in each of the organ in your body and bloodstream will be gradually reduced. The oxygen level will improve and you will feel more energitic.
- At this time, the toxin level in the body will be drastically reduced. Your personal wellbeing wiull improve and you will have a glowing and radiant complexioon.
- Regulates the hormone system and alleviates hormonal imbalance. This will prevent ruddy skin tone, skin pigmentation and freckles.

Long-term : use for 45days and above

- The toxins in the body will be eradicated.
- When the diseases in your body are alleviated, you will begin to recover gradually over time.
- The ability to prevent the spread of the diseases is effective, this will enable you to achieve natural heath, long life and vitality.

B Fit Testimonials Of Success !!!



Age : 44 years old 
Time Taken : 16 Months 
Weight Before : 86 Kg Weight After : 60 Kg
Loss Weight : 26 Kg 
Waist Before : 42 inches Waist After : 34 inches

Hello, I am Mee Lian. Before I get to know B-Fit, I did experience a bad journey of life. I always feel tired and always sleep not well. But today my life is totally different with existence of B-Fit products, I feel more energetic everyday, and I can even work for longer hours without feeling any tiredness. Besides, I did gain a great body shape with loss weight of 26 kg within 16 months. I am really happy with my life now. Thanks B-Fit for improving my life.

user posted image


Age : 17 years old 
Time Taken : <7 Months 
Weight Before : 99.9 Kg Weight After : 66 Kg
Loss Weight : 33.9 Kg 
Waist Before : 42 inches Waist After : 30 inches

I, Ms Liew Soo Ying, last time I am living with low confident person character because of my weight problem. I did the test and try for several of products and it is not really work for me. Today I start with my brand new life after I taken B-Fit product. It is really work for me and bring back my confident. I have loss 33.9 kg of my weight from 99.9kg to 66 kg within 7 months after I taken B-Fit. It was so wonderful, now I am a new person with full of energy and dreams.

user posted image


Age : 23 years old 
Time Taken : 6 Months 
Weight Before : 62 Kg Weight After : 46 Kg
Loss Weight : 16 Kg 
Waist Before : 30 inches Waist After : 25 inches

Hi, I am Carmen. Firstly, thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to use B-Fit product. My lives totally change after I take B-Fit product for 6 months; I have loss a total weight of 16 kg, and my waist become slimmer and fitter. Besides, my skin becomes more fair and prettier. Now I am a model and I did win the competition that I participating. I am feeling so fantastic. Thanks again to B-Fit for bringing my life up and make my dream come true.

user posted image


Age : 31 years old 
Time Taken : 8 Months 
Weight Before : 62 Kg Weight After : 52 Kg
Loss Weight : 16 Kg 
Waist Before : 31 inches Waist After : 27 inches

I am Cindy and I just a normal housewife who also a mother to my child. I love my family and myself. Last time, I always having constipation and tired. I am women who also dream of having a great body shape. My dream come true after I taken B-Fit products within 8 months and I have loss my weight of 10kg. And I also have a slim and nice waist which is only 27 inch. Now I can wear again my beautiful clothes and gown that I can’t wear after I have children. Besides, I have no more constipation problem and I am so energetic. Thanks B-Fit. 

user posted image


Age : 34 years old 
Time Taken : 3 Months 
Weight Before : 60 Kg Weight After : 52 Kg
Loss Weight : 12 Kg 
Waist Before : 33 inches Waist After : 27 inches

I, Siti Aisyah, today I would like to take this opportunity to thanks B-Fit for making my life more colorful. With B-Fit, I am feeling happy, relaxing, healthier and even prettier. I just consume B-Fit products for 3 months, and I have loss my weight up to 12 kg and my waist become slimmer. I feel more confident with myself now. Thanks again to B-Fit for making my life more meaningful. 

user posted image


Age : 37 years old 
Time Taken : 6 Months 
Weight Before : 80 Kg Weight After : 60 Kg
Loss Weight : 20 Kg 
Waist Before : 36 inches Waist After : 28 inches

The reason that I consume B-Fit products because I feel so confident with it after it’s totally helps me to change my life. Almost 10 years I being suffering of sleeps not well, it really makes my life so frustrated and tired. Besides, I also have constipation, edema and high cholesterol problems. But after I consume B-Fit products for just 6 months, I have no more constipation, no more edema, and my cholesterol level being reducing. And I also can sleep well after that. Not only my health improve, I also loss weight of 20 kg, and now I have a slimmer waist and fitter body. I am feeling so fantastic and happy with my life condition now. Thanks B-Fit for coloring my life. 

user posted image


Age : 23 years old 
Time Taken : 9 Months 
Weight Before : 56 Kg Weight After : 44 Kg
Loss Weight : 12 Kg 
Waist Before : 29 inches Waist After : 25 inches

I get to know B-Fit products through a friend, and I am happy that after I consume B-Fit Cleanse and B-Fit Coffee for 9 months, my weight reduces from 56 Kg to 44 Kg! My waist also reduces 4 inches. It is amazing! 

user posted image

Following are the question that customer like to ask before purchase.

1. If I want to maintain my weight only, 1 package can last how long?2-3months.

2. If I do not like white coffee, any option to replace? Yes. Our B-fit somello. Please view our consumption method for details.

3. If I do not like cleanse, any option to replace?Yes. Our B-fit somello. Please view our consumption method for details.

4. If I only take cleanse / white coffee / somello only? will it effective?The package needed to take 4 sachets each day. cleanse function to detox and prevent fats build up, at the same time white coffee / somello main function is to burn fat. There works together is provided better results. ( if u takes cleanse only, it can't be 1 day tk 4 sachets all cleanse also )

5. 2-5kgs can cut in only 10days?Its depend your effort, body condition. If you are in fat stubborn it might difficult to lose weight. Or if you keep take high calories food it isn't help.

6. 1 month can lost how many kgs? Average 1 month i take b-fit products can lose how many kgs?Its depend your effort, body condition. Normally good body condition , customer able to lose 2-5kgs at the 1st month. then will be slow down at the following month. But the cut weight and size process will keep working. Products wont consistently cut average weight for human. If does, the products might harmful ingredient. Remember, this is heath slimming product. Its help to enhance and recovered our body problem and lose weight healthy..

7. Y my friend can lose Xkgs only 1 month but i need to use 2months or above?Every body condition are not the same. Its also depend your fat problem and your current weight.
easy example. A with 100kgs , B with only 50kgs. take same product, same time, same meal.

But A able to cut 5kgs at 1st month but for B it wont. Try to think rationally, if 50kgs can take 1 month only to cut 5kgs. imposible product still remain to cut 5kgs each month when taking the product. Remember, product not "eat fat machine" which arl set each package will cut how many kgs.

8. Do not need to fast while slimming program? REALLY?Yes, you can take meal. For example, bread, noodles, rice....But rmb in small portion will be better. For further meal taking reference we can give further consultation for you.

NOTE : Always remember, FATS are not gain so easy in only a short term, I was remember a customer ask me, I want cut 10kgs in a month, do you think your product can do for me..

My ans " My products not drugs, and if i ask u, can u gain 10kgs only in a month, is it possible?

Another case, My customer ask me, is it possible to stop drink the coffee after meal? I ask why? She just told me..I EAT TOO FULL UNTIL I CAN'T DRINK THE COFFEE...... (-.-)
Hello, please for those who want to lose weight, you can take 3 meal but not all heavy food. If not no matter how many sets or how many others products your take it useless...please take care your heath, take care your wallet.