Saturday, April 2, 2011

B-Fit Somello


* Internal cleansing and external blocking Body slimming without rebound
* Breakdown Prevents synthesis of fat
* Health care Prevents various modern diseases
* Firming Increases firmness and elasticity of muscles
* Bowel cleaning Cleanses and detoxifying bowel, eliminates faecal stasis
* Maintenance Helps to maintain outcome of body slimming
* Burning Increases 24-hour energy consumption
* Control Blocks intake of starch and glucose
* Suppression Suppresses appetite,avoid excessive food intake
* Enhancement Enhances blood circulation and basal metabolic rate

Suggested use:

2 - 3 sachets daily, drink 30 minutes before meal.

20 sachets x 20 grams

*Drink together with B-Fit Cleanse for better results.

Obesity is harmful to your health

Modern people are busy with work, while preference of supper, frequent social events, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise, in addition to rice and noodles as major food among Asian people as well as preference of fried oily food have worsened fat deposition. Obesity will even jeopardize health as many medical reports indicate that obesity can lead to serious illnesses such as heart disease, hypertension, stroke and diabetes mellitus. 

Some of the ingredients in B-Fit Somello 

Garcinia gambogia
It derives originally from South East Asia and has high content of HCA which effectively inhibits conversion of carbohydrate and glucose into fat. Medical reports prove that hydroxycitric acid is able to reduce formation of 40-70% of fat within 8-12 hours after meal, meanwhile it is able to promote breakdown of fat into daily energy as well.

Aloe vera
It is able to fasten colonic peristalsis effectively as well as eliminate excess fat and toxins.

Oat fibers
It helps to improve constipation, lower cholesterol in body, prevent cardiovascular diseases, improve blood circulation and prevent osteoporosis, at the same time it also has effect of preventing anemia.

Fruit enzyme
Enzymes have effects of promoting cellular growth, resisting inflammation and bacteria, purifying blood and enhancing immunity. Meanwhile it helps to maintain balance of intestinal flora, strengthen cells, promote digestion and increase resistance against pathogens.

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