Saturday, April 2, 2011

B-Fit Slimming Health & Beauty Products.

B-Fit Slimming Health Products

B-Fit white coffee 


* Body slimming and shaping as well as skin and facial beauty
* Cellular food provides balanced nutrients
* Food with nucleic acid delays aging

Suggested use:
2 - 3 sachets daily, drink after meal.

20 sachets x 20 grams

* Drink together with B-Fit Cleanse for better results.

Some of the ingredients in B-Fit White Café

White kidney bean extracts
Has water-solubility with rich content of protein. Besides inhibitory effect on starch, it is resistant to destruction by high temperature or gastric acid, while content of allergy-inducing substance is very low. It effectively neutralizes dietary carbohydrate and inhibits absorption of glucose, thus is helpful in reduction of body weight.

Nucleic acid
It has effects of repairing damaged cells, delay aging, rejuvenating, reducing wrinkles and spots for smooth and radiant skin. It also helps in enhancing metabolism, physical strength, immunity as well as improving sleep etc.

Garcinia gambogia
It has high content of HCA which is effective to inhibit conversion of glucose into fat, meanwhile it is able to promote breakdown of fat into daily energy.

Fructo-oligosaccharide extracted from plants is a kind of complex saccharide, it can reach the intestines directly to be digested by good bacteria, thus promoting increase in number of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacillus to get rid of bad bacteria.

How B-Fit white coffee takes effect

  •  Cleanse the intestines and detoxifies.
  •  To neutralise the starch and block the sugar.
  •  To maintain a normal blood sugar level
  •  Offers the best nutrients to body cells.
  •  Lower the cholesterol level and high blood pressure   to protect the heath.
  •  To speed up the accumulation of fat in fat cells into energy and prevent the condensation of new fat.
  •  To increase metabolism and the raise the fat burning rate and thus make the muscles become more solid.
  •  Rich in antionxidants, vitamins and minerals, its helps to improve the body immune system and disease prevention.

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