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SIY - Slim It Yourself

SIY - Slim It Yourself ( slim 2-5 kg within 10 days)

S.I.Y gives you freedom and control you've always wanted!! S.I.Y reshapes our body in short term and maintain it in the long run! IT'S EASY AND CONVENIENT.
S.I.Y is made of freshest and finest herbs with 100% natural, pure and with
NO SIDE EFFECT!!! Herbs conformity and origin are verified by experienced Herbalist and Pharmacist. Apart from that, S.I.Y. is subject to strict quality control and confine under CGMP regulation.
S.I.Y is manufactured via Super Critical CO2 Nano Liquid Technology, when we consume, it will immediately assimilated by our body and the active ingredient through to the heart of our body cell. The active ingredients of S.I.Y will futher dislodge all of the fat clusters from adipose tissues and drain cellulite & other fats until their complete evacuation.
S.I.Y. Is approved by KMM and Halal Food Council S.E.A.

Body Weight Increased
Lazy For Exercise
Feel Hungry When Diet
Feel Embarrass With Spare Tyre
Hang Down Slack Due To Sudden Weight Lost
Difficult To Get Suitable Clothes
Lost Confident Because Of Overweight





-> Citrus Aurantium : Enhanced metabolism, reducing weight, reducefatigue etc.
-> Green Tea Polyphenol : Reduce body fat, increasing 24-h energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans etc.
-> Caralluma Fimbriata : Suppress appetite, enhance endurance etc.
-> Dandelion : Prevent or cure liver diseases, purify your blood, clense you system, reduce weight, etc.
-> Opuntia ficus-indica : well-balanced diet, decreasing the LDL cholestrol level, etc.
-> Neem Leaf Extract : cure diarrhea, intestinal infections, skin ulcers, infections etc.


-> Liposis - disentanglement stagnant & stubborn fat (Adipose Tissue)
-> Build up muscle without fat.
-> Anti Wrinkle - removing rough skin effect.
-> Replenish young lifestyle for skin.
-> Thermo-genesis - elongate fat burning effect while changing fat into energy.
-> Regulating body function and metabolism towards optima level or enable calories burning without and negative side effect to central nervous system and cardiovascular system.
-> Controlling hunger feeling / food appetite and easing physical and mental tension.
-> Reducing waist, hips and laps sizes.
-> Promoting intestine movement and increasing the rate or absorbing water and nutrition inside intestine.
-> Reducing body cholestrol.
-> Promoting hemoglobin creation and avoiding anemia forming.
-> Increasing immunization system and blood circulation.
-> Releasing tiredness of constipation.
-> Strengthening hear and discharging body toxin.
-> Providing various nutrition to the body i.e. vitamins, minerals, acid amino from enzymes.


1 box contains 20 bottles. One day drink 2 bottles, 1 is S.I.Y Day and another 1 is S.I.Y Night. 10 bottles for day after your breakfast within 5 minutes 10 bottles for night before sleep.

During S.I.Y. Therapy, We Suggest The Following Habits To Double The Slimming Effort

1. Reduce the intake of foodshigh in fats and carbohydrates such as roti canai, kuih koci, doughnuts, food containing coconut milk, nasi lemak, fast food such as pizza, fried chicken and chocolate.

2. Avoid sweet drinks, carbonated drinks and alcoholic drinks.

3. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday.

4. To speed up results who wanted to loose weight for 10 days 3-5kg, carry out daily exercise for 10-15 minutes or use a sauna.


1. Does S.I.Y have any side effects?
No. Unless incorrectly taking. S.I.Y is registered and approved by Malaysia Ministry of Health (KMM) and was tested in Singapore by Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to be free from unpermitted ingredients and chemicals. This is a natural plant formulation and there are no known toxic side effects.

2. While I'm on S.I.Y programme, do i need to exercise to see result?
Exercise is a universally known fact to stay fit which naturally we do encourage too. However, you'll still get the desired effect without having exercise.

3. Do i need to go on fasting while I'm on S.I.Y programme?
We encourage you to switch to low carbohydrate food instead of fasting.

4. How to consume S.I.Y?
Daily uses. Drink a bottle after breakfast and a bottle before bedtime. It will burn and drainage fat in 24 hours, combat cellulite and effectively solving the obesity problems.

5. What is the flavour?
Delicious juicy Prune Favor, everyone loves it.

6. Can i drink it together with other supplements?

7. May i consume S.I.Y during menstrual period?
Yes. S.I.Y is good to release menstrual pain.

8. Do I have to continue taking S.I.Y? How to maintain the perfect body figure?
S.I.Y is not a dependent medication. Once you have achieved the perfect body figure, it is not necessary to continue with S.I.Y, but it is advisable to consume CLENZ for detoxification and maintain a good lifestyle for perfect body figure.

9. Suitable for what age?
Minimun 15 years old.

10. Will S.I.Y affect the pregnancy probability?

11. Is S.I.Y suitable for childbirth lady?
Yes Can Consume S.I.Y after recover (Recuperation) or full moon.
Consume 8 weeks to get the ideal results.

12. Who need to consult with doctor before consume?
Pregnancy/ nursing mother/ High blood pressure/ diabetic/ stroke/ medication's patients.

13. Can S.I.Y solve Disorderly endocrine's fat?
Yes. Clinical trial loses 1-1.5kg after 20-30 days concumptions. Advice to consume at least 2 treatments for recuperation disorderly.

14. Whay am i feeling thirsty and hunger during consume S.I.Y?
S.I.Y need massive hydration to active the burning fats progress. Burning fat > Produce energy > Cells received instruction > Transform energy > Decomposing fats.

15. Why should I drink plenty of water?
Because our body need at least 3 liter water to discharge and clean the toxin of fat burned.

16. Permanent taking S.I.Y will harm our body?
It's wont. S.I.Y made from 100% plant extract.

17. Can Muslim take S.I.Y?
Yes certainly, as S.I.Y formulation is certified Halal.

18. Can vegetarian take S.I.Y?
Yes certainly.
Promotion Price : RM160/box FREE postage within peninsular Malaysia.
Dealing Method : Bank Transfer to MAYBANK / PUBLIC BANK / CIMB BANK
Contact : Britney 016-9737300

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